Deer family returns to the wild after being trapped at Scarborough mall

By News Staff

A family of deer has pranced off back to nature after a dramatic few days trapped behind an abandoned and overgrown mall in Scarborough.

A male and female deer were reportedly crossing the street at Eglinton Avenue and Ionview Road on Tuesday night when the male was hit by a car and injured.

The deer was stunned for a few minutes and then got up. Both deer then made their way into the plaza.

Soon after, the female gave birth to a fawn.

Wildlife officials visited the scene the next day and decided that the family should be left in the enclosure for the night, in hopes that the mother would lead the baby to safety. When the family hadn’t moved the next day, officials decided they needed a little help.

On Thursday night, a team of Toronto Wildlife Centre staff and volunteers, as well as officers from Toronto Animal Services were able to guide the trapped deer family to a ravine nearby.

Under the cover of darkness, the male cautiously made his way to the ravine. According to officials, the female followed closely behind, running the last distance into the trees.

The newborn fawn was too slow to keep up with its parents so officials leapt into action, carefully capturing the tiny deer and transporting it close to the tree line.

Likely following the mother’s scent, officials said the fawn took the exact path as the mother into the wooded area, crying for her the whole time.

“Deer have excellent hearing so the mother would have heard her baby calling, especially since she would be familiar with her infant’s cries,” Toronto Wildlife Centre officials said in a statement. “We are confident that they reunited and we are delighted at this outcome for the family of three deer.”

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