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Hamilton house shooting linked to Musitano family: police

Last Updated Jun 27, 2017 at 11:47 am EDT

Hamilton police are investigating after shots were fired at a home linked to the Musitano family on June 27, 2017. CITYNEWS

A house that was shot up early on Tuesday morning is linked to the Musitano family, Hamilton police confirmed.

Shots were fired at the home on St. Clair Boulevard around 2:20 a.m. No one was hurt.

Police said they are looking for a suspect or suspects, as well as a vehicle, but there is no description of either.

Hamilton police would not say who owned the house or who lived in it. However, police said later Tuesday that the house was targeted, and the home is associated to the Musitano family.

In 2015, the home was owned by Pat Musitano, the brother of recently-slain mobster Angelo Musitano. In 2015, a vehicle parked in the Musitano driveway was deliberately set on fire.

Angelo Musitano, 39, was found shot several times in a pickup truck on Chesapeake Drive in Waterdown on May 2. He was pronounced dead in hospital.

“I’m sure it’s well-recorded that Mr. Musitano did some jail time for three murders back in the 90s,” Det.-Sgt. Peter Thom said last month.

When asked if the shooting was targeted, Thom responded, “absolutely.”

Angelo and Pat Musitano were charged with first-degree murder in the 1997 death of Hamilton crime boss Johnny “Pops” Papalia.

The brothers pleaded guilty in 2000 to an offence of conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Papalia’s associate, Carmen Barillaro, as part of a plea deal. The charge relating to Papalia was withdrawn.