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Day Five: ISIS documents found on mosque rooftop

This mosque, a former ISIS stronghold, has been turned into a medical clinic in West Mosul, Iraq. Avery Haines found ISIS documents on the roof. CITYNEWS/Avery Haines

I spent a lot of time on the roof of the mosque where I was living.

It was the best place to get footage of the raging battle in the Old City of Mosul, just two kilometres away.

It was also littered with ISIS cast offs: Blankets, a pillow and artillery shells in one area that they used as a snipers nest; broken-down toys; old clothes.

I also found some documents that I had translated by a newly liberated Iraqi. A colleague at work translated a glossy little pamphlet I found “guiding” women on how to be good ISIS Muslims.

Find out what the pamphlet said in the video below. The other updates from my time in Iraq are posted here.

Two Kilometres to Terror: Life and Death Under ISIS, a one-hour documentary from reporter Avery Haines, airs Sunday July 9 at 10 p.m. on CityNews stations across the country.