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7-year-old boy missing after Barcelona terror attack confirmed dead

7-year-old Julian Cadman was one of 13 people killed in terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Spanish authorities say they have positively identified three more victims of the van attack in Barcelona, including a 7-year-old boy who has been missing since the rampage Thursday.

The Catalonia region’s emergency services said Sunday that a boy with dual Australian-British nationality was one of the 13 people killed when a van swerved through a pedestrian walkway in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas district.

A Canadian was among those killed in the terrorist attack. Ian Moore Wilson was the father of a Vancouver police officer. His wife was one of four Canadians who were injured in the attack.

Nacho Solano, a spokesman for the Catalan government’s emergency services, confirms that the child was Julian Cadman, an Australian with dual British nationality.

The Australian, Philippines and British governments announced Friday that the 7-year-old son of a woman seriously injured in the attack had become separated from her and was missing.

Spanish police are also trying to establish if a man found dead inside a car on the outskirts of Barcelona is another victim of the extremist attack in the city.

Senior regional police officer Josep Lluis Trapero said Sunday that investigators haven’t yet linked the man discovered inside a car that struck two officers at a police checkpoint to either the Las Ramblas van attack or its suspects.

He says police fired on the car after it broke through the checkpoint within hours of the downtown attack Thursday. They initially thought they had killed the driver, but then discovered a dead person in the back seat.

An examination found no bullet wounds on the body, according to Trapero.

Trapero says those behind the attacks had stored more than 100 gas tanks and explosive ingredients at a house in Alcanar that they accidently blew up.

He said that the radical cell of 12 people “had planned one or more attacks with explosives” in Barcelona. The cell rented three vans and also used a car and motorcycle.

He said ingredients of the explosive TATP, which has been used by Islamic State extremists in other attacks, were found at the home in Alcanar that was destroyed Wednesday, along with more than 100 butane gas tanks. He says “that makes us think this is the place where they were preparing the explosives.”

He says the search for a missing fugitive has been complicated because authorities haven’t been able to positively identify the human remains at the house in Alcanar.