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Trudeau's panda cuddle is now a butter sculpture

A butter sculpture of Justin Trudeau and the panda cubs by David Salazar, Aug. 22, 2017. CNE/Handout

It was an adorable moment from 2016 — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau snuggling with the Toronto Zoo panda cubs.

And now you can see it again … in butter form.

It’s all a part of the CNE’s annual butter sculpture exhibit.

David Salazar, this year’s lead sculpture, said several other iconic Toronto moments have been carved out for all to see.

“The theme that we have this year is infamous Toronto animals that have gone viral in the news media – such as Trudeau with the panda bears, the Ikea monkey, the high park Capybaras…,” he explained.

Justin Trudeau and Darwin the Ikea Monkey are just two of the CNE's butter sculptures, Aug. 22, 2017. CNE/Handout

Because of its size, the creation of the Trudeau statue will continue throughout the duration of the CNE. Salazar said that by the time it’s all finished, 2,700 pounds of butter will have been used.

Justin Trudeau and the Toronto Zoo panda cubs sculpted in butter, Aug. 22, 2017. CNE/Handout

The butter sculptures are an annual tradition at The Ex and are always a big hit with guests but this year’s Trudeau statue has drawn international attention to the event.

The story has been picked up by Time Magazine, Cosmo and The Mirror in the U.K.

In previous years, other prominent Canadians have been honoured with a butter likeness including astronaut Chris Hadfield, Mayor Rob Ford and the infamous #DeadRaccoonTO.