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Girls of Scarborough Collegiate Class 11D celebrate 70th reunion

Last Updated Oct 4, 2017 at 7:37 pm EST

Seventy years ago the girls graduating from Scarborough Collegiate, now R.H. King Academy, made a very special promise to each other.

With the encouragement of their teacher Miss Carnaghan, class 11D vowed to keep in touch and support each other throughout their lives.

And they have.

In fact, they have met each year for 70 consecutive years.

Of the 22 original students who graduated in 1947 from the then all-girls school, 12 remain.

Ten of those 12 women met on Wednesday to celebrate their 70th reunion, for the first time gathering at the school where it all began. They shared memories of their high school days and their much loved teacher, Miss Carnaghan.

“We may be the only class in Canada that has met every year for 70 years,” Reunion organizer Norma Hardy-McGirr said.

“As only 12 of us are left from the original class, getting together at the school will make the event very special.”

The group ate lunch will together at the school and planted a tree to commemorate their seven decades of friendship and reunions.