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'Community Safety Bulletin' calls U of T prof racist, alleges ties to neo-Nazis

Last Updated Oct 28, 2017 at 9:47 am EDT

It’s a hateful poster Dr. Jordan Peterson didn’t see coming.

Labelled as a “community safety bulletin”, it paints the University of Toronto psychology professor as someone with ties to neo-Nazis and the alt-right. It even goes so far as to call him a “racist” and a “nazi-philosopher”

“The accusations are preposterous,” said Peterson who is known for his free speech advocacy and his refusal to use genderless pronouns. However he never expected his views to land him on a poster like the ones plastered in his Annex neighbourhood.

“It’s unpleasant to see this and their basic statement is ‘don’t ever forget, we know where you live.'”

According to defamation lawyer Lorne Honickman, the posters raise questions about defamation.

“One would hope whoever published this got some advice beforehand, because they could be opening themselves up to a potential lawsuit,” he says.

“There is no quick answer … what surprises me is that people are still, in this day and age, putting posters up with people’s pictures and writing things.”

Peterson says he does not know who is behind the posters and doesn’t plan on taking any legal action against them at this time.