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City council votes to make Bloor bike lanes permanent

Last Updated Nov 15, 2017 at 7:47 pm EST

The Bloor bike lanes are here to stay after city council voted 35-6 in favour of making them permanent.

The 2.6-kilometre stretch of separated bike lanes run along Bloor Steer West between Shaw Street and Avenue Road.

The city’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee recommended that council approve the lanes and Mayor Tory expressed his support on his Twitter account before voting in favour of maintaining the lanes.

A staff report last month found that cycling use has increased on Bloor Street by 49 per cent since June and, after making adjustments to signal timing, travel times for motorists have been cut in half.

Following the release of the report, Coun. Joe Cressy and Coun. Mike Layton, who championed the project, backed the findings.

“Making our streets safe for all must be a critical priority for us,” the councillors said in a joint statement. “If we want to build a 21st century city – a city that moves people safely – we must make the Bloor bike lane permanent. And the data is clear – bike lanes on Bloor Street work.”

The report found that Bloor is now the busiest bike lane in the city after Richmond and Adelaide.