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Ill-timed bus photobombs Argonauts returning to Toronto with Grey Cup

Last Updated Nov 27, 2017 at 5:57 pm EDT

The Toronto Argonauts had their momentous arrival at Pearson Airport briefly upstaged Monday afternoon, all thanks to an ill-timed bus.

The Grey Cup champions were returning home from Ottawa after defeating the Calgary Stampeders in the 105th Grey Cup on Sunday night, but just as the team was about to step off the plane, the photo-opportunity was disrupted by a bus that parked in front of the aircraft.

CityNews camera operator Peter Dworschak was assigned to film the arrival and was audibly frustrated with the vehicle obstructing his view.

“Don’t pull the bus in front,” Dworschak can be heard saying to himself off-camera, as the vehicle approached the tarmac in front of the aircraft.

Seconds later, the large Pacific Western bus came to an abrupt stop, parking directly in front of the airplane’s loading stairs.

“Ahh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Dworschak can be heard bellowing.

Sound familiar?

In the video, Dworschak references the Georgia Dome which made international headlines earlier this month; as it was about to be demolished a camera operator’s view was obstructed by – you guessed it – a bus.

Thankfully Dworschak was able to re-position his camera and obtain a clear view of Argo’s quarterback Ricky Ray stepping off the plane and raising the Grey Cup on the tarmac.

Following a series of interviews with the media, the championship team then boarded the bus for the trip to Toronto.

A parade for the team will be held in Toronto Tuesday afternoon.