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How my innocent Grey Cup tweet got tangled in politics

Last Updated Nov 27, 2017 at 3:36 pm EDT

I’m not much of a ‘Tweeter.’

I find the whole experience terrifying. I’ll usually start typing something, save it in drafts for 10 minutes while I mull over if it’s interesting/funny and then just delete it altogether.

My experience last night during the Grey Cup couldn’t be a better example.

I saw this photo, taken by CFL photog, Johany Jutras.

How do you NOT share it. Like, how great is this? Our oh-so-painfully photogenic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau staring candidly into the distance while snow gently falls around him at the 105th Grey Cup (in our Nation’s Capital to boot).

This photo is:

So, I tweeted it out along with the caption “If this photo isn’t peak Canadian I don’t know what is.”

(Which, for the record I take back after seeing Canadian Queen Shania Twain enter via dog sled before being led to stage by a Mountie. INCREDIBLE.)

Anyways, BIG mistake. My phone was almost instantly blowing up with hot takes of the political variety. I now know how Cynthia Mulligan feels. Here’s a few examples…

For the record, I did get a lot of positive responses too. But that’s not the point. The point is I thought it was a cool photo. So I shared it. End of story.