Jury to determine if Rohinie Bisesar is mentally fit to stand trial

By Marianne Boucher, News Staff

A jury has been chosen to decide if a woman charged with randomly stabbing a stranger to death in a Shoppers Drug Mart two years ago is mentally fit to stand trial.

Rohinie Bisesar is charged with first degree murder for fatally stabbing Rosemarie Junor on Dec 11, 2015, while Junor was shopping in the downtown Toronto Path concourse.

Her trial was scheduled to start on Jan 8th, but the Crown brought evidence forward on Monday that concerns her mental fitness.

Crown lawyer Beverly Richards told the jury that: “Generally a jury is called together to decide guilt, however in this circumstance they must decide facts regarding Bisesar’s fitness to stand trial.

“It must be a fair and ethical trial. That can only be done if she is mentally fit.”

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Ian Swayze testified on Monday that Bisesar suffers from mental illness. He had examined Bisesar on several occasions, most recently in September.

Dr. Swayze said Bisesar has a fixed false belief that she is being manipulated by external devices. She is “acutely unwell” he said, and “unfit at this moment.”

Swayze added that Bisesar could become well in the future and a trial could eventually take place.

The jury must decide if she has the ability to understand the nature and object of the proceeding, their consequences, and whether she can conduct a defence.

Bisesar, who continually interrupted the hearing, objected to having the hearing and asked for an adjournment, saying she is perfectly fine.

She also expressed the idea in front of the jury, that the woman she is alleged to have attacked may not be dead.

The family of Rosemarie Junor attended the hearing, but did not wish to speak to media.


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