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Are there too many roundabouts in this GTA neighbourhood?

Last Updated Dec 11, 2017 at 6:28 pm EST


Richmond Hill is a fan of roundabouts, but how many is too many? One resident feels the traffic management tool is being used too often.

Tower Hill Road between Yonge Street and Bathurst Street stretches about 4.3 kilometres and would take about seven minutes to drive. It has six roundabouts on that stretch of road, with two additional ones in the Tower Hill neighbourhood.

According to city building experts, it’s used for many reasons — one of them being that it’s safer. But that’s if people know how to use them, which according to a CityNews tipster, many drivers don’t. She says that the town should do more to educate the residents about using the roundabouts to avoid collisions.

Lynn Chan, communications advisor to the township of Richmond Hill said in an email to CityNews after we reached out about redients’ concerns that “the Town is reviewing the signage needs on the Tower Hill Road roundabouts and additional signage and pavement markings will be considered.”

According to the Ministry of Transportation, drivers should approach the roundabout in the correct lane, depending on where they are headed. Those entering the roundabout must always yield to traffic in both lanes already inside, and wait for a gap before proceeding. Motorists should never stop inside the roundabout, except to avoid a collision.  (Here is an explainer about how to use roundabouts.)

Whether you are a novice or experienced driver, roundabouts can be confusing to some. Test your knowledge of the never-ending circle. 

Photos in the quiz credited to the Ministry of Transportation.

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