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Traffic specialist Darryl Dahmer tells it like it is when it comes to GTA gridlock

Last Updated Dec 15, 2017 at 11:10 pm EST


CityNews flew Skymaster One with 680 Traffic Specialist Darryl Dahmer Friday morning, to get his perspective on Toronto’s congestion and gridlock issues. Dahmer has been watching the roads for more than 40 years from up in the sky and shares his pet peeves and advice for commuters.

Darryl’s pet peeves:

1. Police officers sticking around too long at the scene of an accident.

2. Construction pylons on the side of the highway, especially 401 in Cambridge where there have been a number of accidents.

Darryl’s advice for commuters:

3. Plan ahead for your drive before your start your engines.

4. Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained, for yourself and everyone else on the road.