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Witness testifies accused in Liberty Village murder told her 'I might have killed somebody'

Last Updated Jan 18, 2018 at 8:06 am EDT

Sascha Harten testifies at the second-degree murder trial of Shawn Poitier in Toronto on Jan. 17, 2018. CITYNEWS/Marianne Boucher

A woman whose public urination sparked a fatal stabbing in Liberty Village in 2012 testified Wednesday that her then-boyfriend, who is accused in the murder, told her he “might have killed somebody” the night of the altercation.

The urination sparked a drunken street fight that ended the life of 24-year-old Mike Pimentel in the early hours of Jan. 1, 2012.

Three years ago, police charged Shawn Poirier with second-degree murder.

In 2011, Sascha Harten said she was an exotic dancer living in New Brunswick with boyfriend Poirier, who was thirty-years-old. They decided to drive 16 hours from New Brunswick to Toronto to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

After an evening of shopping and drinking, the couple left a bar at 2:30 a.m. Harten testified she didn’t know where in Toronto she was, but she had to use a bathroom. She decided to urinate outside near a flower box and asked her boyfriend to cover her with his coat.

Harten told the jury a man saw her from across the street started yelling because “he was angry I was urinating outside.”

The couple and the stranger, now identified as Mike Pimentel, who was leaving a party in Liberty Village, began yelling and swearing at each other.

A video played for the jury on Wednesday showed Pimentel crossing the road and throwing Harten onto the street. The two men start to fight while Harten tries to break them up.

*WARNING: the following video contains graphic content*

The fight ended when both men stood up and ran away in separate directions.

According to the Crown’s opening statement, Pimentel was stabbed nine times and walked a few blocks before collapsing.

Harten hailed a cab but was refused a ride because she was covered in her own blood as she was cut across her knuckles. After getting in another cab she called Poirier and he told her that “he might have killed somebody.”

Harten testified she knew Poirier carried a buck knife. She said Poirier looked scared and said “we have to leave.”

The couple left the city and drove to New Brunswick. While they drove they checked to see if anyone had reported any incidents of death. Harten said she was worried if the man was okay or if he died.

They dated for about a year before separating. Harten then moved to Calgary. She said she forgot about the incident until 2015, when one of Poirier’s ex-girlfriends contacted her saying the police are looking to speak to her about a murder investigation. Harten then contacted Toronto police.

The video was sent to police anonymously in 2012, and the crime went unsolved for years.

Poirier was arrested by Calgary police in December 2015 then transferred to Toronto where he was charged with second-degree murder.

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