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Unedited video and transcript of PC Leader Patrick Brown's news conference

Last Updated Jan 25, 2018 at 12:05 am EDT

The following is a transcript of PC Leader Patrick Brown’s news conference delivered at Queen’s Park on Jan. 23, 2018.

Ladies and gentlemen,

A couple hours ago I learned about troubling allegations about my conduct and character and I’m here tonight to address them.

First, I want to say these allegations are false – categorically untrue – every one of them.

I will defend myself as hard as I can with all means at my disposal.

It’s never ok, it’s never ok, for anyone to feel they’ve been a victim of sexual harassment or feel threatened in any way.

Let me make this clear: a safe and respectful society is what we expect and deserve and no one appreciates that more than I do. I’ve got two younger sisters who are my best friends. I’ve grown up in a family that has taught me good values.

My values and beliefs are those that we need to move forward to eradicate sexual violence and harassment across the province, across the country, everywhere.

I know the court of public opinion moves fast. I’ve instructed my attorneys to ensure that these allegations are addressed where they should be: in the court of law.

In short, I reject these accusations in the strongest possible terms. It’s not my values, it’s not how I was raised, it’s not who I am.