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Hamilton businesses receiving huge support from community after weekend mob attack

Last Updated Mar 5, 2018 at 7:01 pm EST

One Hamilton business owner hit by a mob of vandals on the weekend says they’ve “come a full 24 hours going from being upset and devastated to being supported by our community.”

Rebecca Tomasic who owns Bitten Cupcakes says her floor and large windows were vandalized, and she probably suffered a couple of thousands of dollars in damage. But community support is what’s keeping her positive after the senseless violence that ripped through town.

In a press conference today, police say they still don’t know what caused a mob of about 30 or so adults to walk along Aberdeen street and smash cars and business windows.

The masked group apparently call themselves: “The Ungovernable.”

Before causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages, the mob met up at Durand Park. Police got a call about people causing mischief but thought it was a group of kids, so only two officers were dispatched.

Inspector Paul Hamilton with the Hamilton Police Department says officers responded as soon as they could.

“They were likely going believing they were going to deal with some kids in a park not prepared for 30 or so adults so they had to retreat and call for back up,” Hamilton said.

“I had 30 officers deployed from Herkimer and Locke within 15 minutes (of that). The officers came from all three patrols divisions because we don’t have 30 officers just sitting around waiting for a big call. They are out dealing with other calls.”

No arrests have been made yet, but police informed the media that they were looking into a group that was hold an anarchist book fair at a local Hamilton high school.  A spokesperson for the Hamilton Wentworth District School board is aware of the group and that they have rented in the past and are in good standing.

Hamilton Police believe they have identified the vehicles the mob used to escape Locke street, but are still appealing to the public to contact them with any video or security footage.