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Toronto councillor wants review of bylaw over leaving pets outside in winter

Last Updated Apr 10, 2018 at 7:01 am EDT

A dog being walked outside during winter. CSAKISTI/THINKSTOCK

Toronto councillor Mike Layton thinks it’s time to change the city’s animal bylaw when it comes to keeping pets outdoors during the winter.

The Trinity-Spadina representative said that during the winter his office received reports of dogs being kept outdoors — even during extremely cold temperatures.

“Over the past few months, my office has been working with Animal Services after receiving reports of two beagles being kept outdoors during recent extreme cold weather events,” Layton’s proposal for review to the city’s Licensing and Standards Committee reads.

“In some cases, temperatures dipped below -20 C and the animals remained outside overnight.”

Layton said he was surprised to find that it was permitted under the current outdoor animal shelter bylaw and is calling for a second look at it.

“I believe that the city needs to review this section of the bylaw with particular attention to the welfare of animals during extreme weather events,” the proposal continues.

The proposal will head to the city’s Licensing and Standards Committee on Tuesday.