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Passengers left shaken after ice hits bus headed to Niagara Falls

Last Updated Apr 17, 2018 at 7:16 pm EDT

Flying ice caused a scary scene for some bus passengers headed to Niagara Falls on Tuesday.

A tour bus was travelling on the westbound QEW, east of Erin Mills Parkway, around 10 a.m. when the ice came hurtling through the windshield.

Ban Deng, the tour guide sitting right behind the driver, told CityNews that the driver was merging into the HOV lane when a huge chunk of ice crashed through the vehicle.

Peel paramedics did respond, but thankfully, nobody was hurt.

“The ice really huge, and then came rolling to our bus window and hit our driver’s side,” said Deng. “And immediately the windshield breaks, the glass breaks and our driver is like heads down really fast, really quick, and then he drives slowly and stops in the left lane. Our driver didn’t break really hard and everyone is safe.”

Ontario Provincial Police sergeant Kerry Schmidt sent out a tweet urging drivers to be vigilant on the roads.

He tells CityNews many drivers don’t realize there could be debris trapped on their vehicles.

“What we’re trying to have people realize is that if you have snow on the roof of the vehicle, you may clean off the side, the windows and the door, but when you go down the highway that snow that is sitting on the roof is likely going to start flying off to the vehicles behind you. When that happens, you may lose control and things happen very quickly.”

CityNews spoke with the driver of the bus, who says he is doing well, but was treated for minor injuries and neck soreness.