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United Airlines returns tomato juice to menu after customer outrage

Last Updated May 11, 2018 at 10:48 am EDT

“You say Tomato. We say, we hear you.”

United Airlines has changed its mind about removing tomato juice from its beverage cart after customers took to social media in outrage.

On Thursday evening, the airline tweeted 680 NEWS reporter Jamie Pulfer, who had included her voice in the online ire, saying it had changed its mind and would be returning tomato juice to its menu.

“We want our customers to know that we value and appreciate them and are listening,” the airline said in an official statement.

“Our customers told us that they were not happy about the removal of tomato juice so we’re bringing it back onboard as part of our complimentary beverage offering.”

The airline made the decision earlier this week to remove tomato juice – as well as a few other options – from its on board menu.

But what sounded like a simple menu change turned into a highly controversial firestorm, with some customers threatening to boycott the airline.

It turns out people order tomato juice more often on an airplane than they do on dry land.

Lufthansa Airlines said more tomato juice is served on their flights than beer.

Studies have found the change in air pressure messes with the sweet and salty signals to the brain – making tomato juice taste better at higher altitude.