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Alberta man rescues baby moose stuck in mud

Last Updated May 20, 2018 at 9:50 pm EDT

A Grand Prairie man’s boating trip turned into a mini rescue mission Saturday, when he found a baby moose stuck in the mud along the Wapiti River.

Kane Savidan posted a video on Facebook, explaining that he was boating on the river with friends and had just reached a beach spot when they heard the plaintive cries of a baby moose nearby.

The animal was buried neck deep in the mud on the banks of the river and “mewing” loudly. Kane and his friends pulled the young calf out, but it couldn’t stand at first.

“I never expected to see a baby moose without its mum around. I was initially really shocked and I thought it was hurt,” said Kane’s cousin Ryan. “It was pretty stuck in the mud so we had to do something,” he said

Eventually the calf was able to stand and the group washed some of the mud off it’s eyes and nose.

The group then called Alberta Wildlife officers who advised them to leave the moose there and exit the area. The group followed the instructions and when they returned four hours later, the calf was gone.

“I like to think he found his mom,” Kane said on Facebook.