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TIMELINE: Andrea Horwath's path to official Opposition

Last Updated Jun 8, 2018 at 12:33 am EDT

It’s not the election result she wanted, but Andrea Horwath has, at the very least, led the New Democrats to their best showing in a generation.

She easily won her own seat and boosted the party’s overall count from 18 seats at dissolution to 39 at latest count, making the NDP the official Opposition.

But Horwath’s path to this moment was far from certain.

Although she made a successful foray into provincial politics in 2004 — winning a byelection and giving the Ontario NDP official party status — just a decade later, she took the NDP down what many would agree was a misguided path. Her party lost the balance of power at Queen’s Park after her caucus voted against the minority Liberal government’s budget and forced an election.

But she stayed on as leader and will now serve as a counterpoint to the premier-elect, Doug Ford.

Here’s a look at Horwath’s life and career up to election day.