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Rescue dog in need of rescuing again

Last Updated Jun 19, 2018 at 11:17 pm EST

A Toronto-based rescue group is on the lookout for a rescue dog that is once again in need of being rescued after a women impersonated a volunteer and took off with the dog.

Lindsay Toth and volunteers at Team Dog Rescue couldn’t believe it when Toby, a Shih Tzu mix, was stolen over the weekend.

Toth said this has never happened before, “never heard of a dog being stolen from a rescue.”

Toby was headed from a shelter in Belleville to his new foster home last Saturday evening when he was taken. He was with a volunteer from Critter Cabs, an organization that transports rescue animals in Ontario and Quebec.

The volunteer had parked at the Tim Horton’s at Kennedy Commons, near Kennedy Road and Highway 401, when a young woman approached her and pretended to be a representative of Team Dog Rescue.

The woman claimed Toby and took off.

“It’s terrible this person would do this because we are at group of volunteers and this dog is in need of medical attention,” said Toth. “He’s not ready for adoption, this dog really does need us and these people are preventing him from receiving the medical attention he needs”.

Toth believes the person who took Toby probably watched transport hand-offs at this location before.

She says many of them take place at the same spot around the same time but usually, the rescue transport volunteers check licence plates, names and cellphone number. In this case, that didn’t happen.

“This women was very confident, she knew just what to say and there was no reason to believe that she wasn’t the person who she says she was,” said Toth.

Toby is described as a small dog, caramel with a short fur coat and in need of dental care and other age related medical issues, which is why he was brought to the rescue in the first place.

The rescue has filed a police report and they’re offering a $3500 reward for Toby’s safe return. They also have a  message for whoever took the little guy.

“The word is out there, you will not be able to keep this dog. Please do the right thing and return the dog”

Toronto police are investigating and anyone with any info on the dog and his whereabouts are asked to call them or Crime Stoppers.