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What should the new TTC CEO's top priorities be?

Last Updated Jul 9, 2018 at 6:42 pm EST

Aside from John Tavares, no one’s job performance will be more scrutinized in Toronto than the new TTC CEO.

The TTC is expected to select its replacement for Andy Byford on Tuesday.

The new boss of the oft-beleaguered transit system won’t be publicly named until their signature is on a contract, but Torontonians are already offering free job advice online.

The incoming CEO will inherit plenty of headaches, including the Bombardier streetcar boondoggle, and will have to prioritize a laundry list of issues that burden commuters and strain the budget.

We asked you what the new CEO’s top priorities should be and what advice you would give them as they embark on a role that comes fully loaded with a jaded city’s sky high expectations.

The early results of a CityNews Twitter poll had overcrowding at the top of the list, followed by service disruptions. (Cast your vote here)

Here’s some more of your sage advice when it comes to the struggles facing the TTC and its soon-to-be named CEO.