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Is Seth Rogen poised to become the voice of the TTC?

Last Updated Jul 30, 2018 at 2:39 pm EST

TTC spokesman Brad Ross poses with actor and comedian Seth Rogen. HANDOUT/Twitter/@bradTTC

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen has already landed a job as the voice of public transit in his hometown of Vancouver.

And now it looks like he could be poised to take on a similar role for the TTC.

The TTC’s Brad Ross tweeted out a photo with Rogen on Monday morning. They appear to be in an audio booth (hint, hint).

“What is fellow Canadian and public transit user @Sethrogen doing posing for a selfie with me – in a #TTC Bloor-Yonge ball cap, no less?” Ross wrote. “Stay tuned!”

CityNews reached out to Ross for more details, but he would only say “More tomorrow!”

In the meantime, Torontonians have been weighing in on the prospect of Rogen’s voice reverberating through our subway tunnels. Some like the idea, others were pining for a celebrity with a stronger connection to Toronto, like Mike Myers, or Jim Carrey.

On the CityNews Facebook page, Rick Lindsey said “Tommy Chong or Jim Carrey would be better. Next stop, Spadina, ALLLLLLLRIGHTY THEN.”

Chris Bullock gave the nod to Rush rocker Geddy Lee, and Max put his vote in for Mike Myers “because he’s local.”

He’s some of your tweets on the topic: