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A timeline of Aeroplan's history

Last Updated Aug 3, 2018 at 1:20 pm EDT

TORONTO – Aimia Inc. has been looking to diversify its Aeroplan loyalty program ever since Air Canada announced plans to set up an in-house loyalty program. But the airline recently changed tactics and offered to buy Aeroplan with partners. They haven’t been able to reach a deal on price and Aimia is in talks with other partners. Here’s a look at Aeroplan’s history.


1984: Air Canada creates the frequent flyers loyalty program Aeroplan

1991: The CIBC Aerogold Visa card is launched

2000: Rupert Duchesne becomes CEO of Aeroplan

2002: Aeroplan operates as a subsidiary of Air Canada

2004: Aeroplan adds non-flight rewards

2005: Air Canada spins off Aeroplan and completes a public offering as an income trust

2006: Aeroplan launches program allowing members to donate miles to charities

2007: Aeroplan launches carbon offset program, allowing members to use miles to offset their carbon footprint

2007: Aeroplan says miles will expire after seven years effective in January 2014

2008: Air Canada sells its remaining stake in Aeroplan, which becomes a corporation operating as Groupe Aeroplan

2011: Groupe Aeroplan changes name to Aimia Inc., as its strategy shifts to include loyalty programs operating outside of Canada

2013: TD Bank becomes Aeroplan’s main financial partner after assuming about half of CIBC’s Visa Aeroplan card customers

2013: Aeroplan backtracks and cancels seven-year mileage redemption policy after angry customers launch class-action lawsuit

May 11, 2017: Duchesne leaves the company after four-month medical leave of absence

May 11, 2017: Air Canada announces that it will not renew its Aeroplan partnership in 2020 as it starts its own rewards program. Aimia shares plunge 63 per cent on the day

April 2018: Aimia announces the resignation of CEO David Johnston

May 2018: Jeremy Rabe appointed president and CEO

July 19, 2018: Aimia announces plans to relaunch the Aeroplan program with charter flights and use of miles for any seats on any airline

July 25, 2018: Air Canada, CIBC, TD Bank and Visa Canada offer to acquire Aeroplan for $2.25 billion, including $250 million cash

July 27, 2018: Air Canada says it would restart talks with credit card partners to create its own loyalty program if Aimia fails to accept its offer within six days

Aug. 2, 2018: Aimia confirms talks with Oneworld airline alliance; talks with Air Canada fail despite higher $325 million offer

Aug. 3, 2018: Aimia announces deal with Porter Airlines to become an Aeroplan preferred Canadian airline as of July 2020