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Lady Gaga apologizes for 'unjust conclusion' in death of Montreal's Zombie Boy

Lady Gaga has apologized for referring to the death of the Montreal artist and model Rick Genest, professionally known as “Zombie Boy,” as a suicide.

The pop star, who featured Genest in her “Born This Way” music video, tweeted Saturday that she did not mean to draw an “unjust conclusion” in the 32-year-old’s death last week.

Genest attracted international fame for his head-to-toe body art, earning two spots in the Guinness World Book of Records for his tattoos of 178 insects and 138 bones.

Lady Gaga tweeted Thursday that news of Genest’s death, which she called a suicide, was “beyond devastating” and urged fans to erase the stigma surrounding mental health.

Quebec’s coroner’s office has said an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

“I apologize if I spoke too soon as there was no witnesses or evidence to support any conclusion for the cause of his death,” Lady Gaga tweeted Saturday.

“The art we made was sacred to me and I was emotional, he was an incredible artist and his art and heart will live on.”

Genest’s manager did not immediately return a request for comment.