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The Beaches band making waves across Canada

Last Updated Aug 9, 2018 at 5:22 pm EDT

Toronto band The Beaches have already had a phenomenal year and it’s only August.

To start off the year, the all-female rock group won the Juno Award for Breakthrough Artist of The Year.

Between the Juno Awards and playing concerts across North America, they played with one of the top rock artists in the world.

They opened for the Foo Fighters at Rogers Centre in July, a dream come true for the group.

“Before the show, we were actually just sitting in our dressing room warming up and kind of getting in the zone,” Kylie Miller told CityNews, “I’m warming up and some guy with long hair just walks into our dressing room. I was thinking why is this guy in here as I’m warming up my voice and then I realized it was Dave Grohl and he just walked in and just wanted to say hi to all of us.”

It was a monumental night for the group – not only because they performed on one of the biggest stages in their hometown – but they were presented with the official Juno award they had won earlier this year.

“It was a fave moment of the night for sure,” said Leandra Earl who plays keyboards for the group. “They are actually really heavy, the next day I thought my arm hurt from holding the award.”

“That’s because you were lifting weight with it too,” chimed in Kylie. “It’s really crazy to think that less than 5 years ago, we were playing at Supermarket every Wednesday night. We were still in high school and we always had the 1 am slot. There was always 2 people in the audience. It’s crazy to think we just played the Rogers Centre!”

Not for a moment have the women let the success go to their head. They are humble and are known for their kindness and humour among their fans.

Something that may be attributed to the fact they are doing this because they love it.

“When we started the band, we just started to play together because we liked playing music and we are all friends,” Jordan said, “I think the reason we really wanted to pursue rock music is because there really isn’t a young band that we love anymore that is reminiscent of 70s glam rock or 90s grunge. Everything is a bit more on the pop spectrum.”

The Beaches are set to have another bucket list moment by the year’s end.

They’re scheduled to play at Scotiabank Arena in late November with The Glorious Sons.