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Drivers still entering Queens Quay streetcar tracks despite TTC warning paint

Last Updated Sep 7, 2018 at 8:05 am EST

A driver turns right into the streetcar tracks on Queens Quay, Sept. 7, 2018. 680 NEWS/Kevin Misener

The TTC’s latest effort to stop drivers from accidentally driving onto the streetcar tracks at Queens Quay and Spadina may not be working.

On Tuesday, the TTC painted the track area bright red to identify the track area to drivers, but just days after drivers were still spotted entering the area.

Kevin, whose condo overlooks the area, told 680 NEWS many drivers making the left turn overshoot their lane and wind up on the tracks.

“Some people actually don’t see their mistake until somebody honks at them and then they’ll get out of the lane,” he explained.

“Some people instantly stop halfway (into the lane) and then back up, which creates more chaos for the people behind them.”

The red paint is part of ongoing effort by the TTC to help drivers avoid potentially dangerous encounters with streetcars on Queens Quay.

Further east of the area, near York Street, rumble strips and barriers had to be installed after drivers repeatedly entered the streetcar tunnel.