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Port Credit GO station elevator fixed after being out of service for 2 weeks

Last Updated Sep 12, 2018 at 6:12 pm EDT

Bevery Albert has been forced to travel past her GO Train stop every day for the last two weeks amd then wait 15 minutes for another train to take her back to her original destination due to a broken elevator at Port Credit station

An elevator at the Port Credit GO station that was out of service more than two weeks after it broke down has finally been fixed.

On Tuesday, Mextrolinx tweeted that the elevator was now back in service.

Metrolinx initially told CityNews there was a repair shortage province-wide that prevented the elevator from being fixed in a more timely fashion.

On Monday, CityNews reached out to Metrolinx for an update and got this email response:

“Our elevator repair contractor was there on Friday and managed to start the fix. They are back this morning to finalize the repairs. They will be there for the most of the day fixing it and we are told it should be up and running by the end of the day,” spokesperson Scott Money wrote.

But one day later, CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt, who walks by the elevator twice a day, snapped another picture showing an orange pylon and out of service sign.

That meant a continued extended commute time for 56-year-old Beverly Albert, who spoke with CityNews on Thursday about how she was forced to do a 30-minute turnaround during her transit ride home everyday because she uses a cane and can’t get down from the north side platform without a working elevator.

She said she has to travel beyond her Port Credit stop another 10 minutes to Clarkson. She then has to take an elevator down to the tunnel, walk to another elevator to take it up to the opposite platform and then wait 15 minutes for another train to take her back to her original destination.

“That’s the only way to get down the proper side of the platform without having to go down a bunch of stairs, which I can’t do right now because of a leg injury,” said Albert.

“I’m not the only one who has to suffer it, there are people in wheelchairs who have to take another stop because they can’t get down the stairs either.”

According to the GO Transit website, five elevators out of 66 stations are currently out of service including the one at Port Credit.