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Monster Truck emerge as 'True Rockers'

Last Updated Sep 17, 2018 at 6:23 pm EDT

It’s a bold statement ‘True Rockers.’ Who is making it? GTA rockers Monster Truck. But the question is — do they have the credibility to back it up? The answer is yes.

Since breaking onto the Canadian music scene like a bull in a china shop, the band has been making fans through the world, some of which are quite notable.

“We have been lucky over the years. We have had a lot of different high calibre legends of rock kind of get behind the group and it never gets less shocking,” Jeremy Widerman, the band’s guitarist, told CityNews.

“In the beginning it was Slash, Deep Purple and Alice In Chains showing us support and it was just insane! Now Dee Snider is on board and it really does give you encouragement and puts a little wind in your sails that people with that calibre are backing you. ”

They just released their highly anticipated album ‘True Rockers’ which has a track that the legendary Snider is featured on. Even though they’re selling out arenas across the country, the band insists the album title is just meant to be fun and an attempt to help people enjoy life.

“It was more of a joke. We don’t take ourselves very seriously.” Jon Harvey, the groups lead vocalist, said.

“It is just about having a good time. You’re supposed to have an escape when listening to music and not be inundated with what your normal life is and the news is so negative lately so we are just trying to put something fun.”

In 2013, Monster Truck won the Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year. They believe so many people have supported them because there is something missing in today’s music scene.

“We are bringing back something that there isn’t really a lot of anymore — that old school classic rock sound.” said Widerman,

“That is what the album is kind of about … it’s also about celebrating our fan base who feel that way. In no way are we trying to be the authority on anything. This is just our fun take on it.”