Does marijuana affect sexual performance or fertility?

By Rosa Saba,

Scientific studies on both animals and humans show marijuana linked to erectile dysfunction. But just like with alcohol, dosage is usually key.

A couple of beers might not affect sexual performance, but binge-drinking usually will. The same goes for marijuana. The more you use, the more you’re likely to have difficulty performing in bed.

And again, just like alcohol, everyone’s tolerance is different.

Cannabis has a range of possible effects, often differing based on strain and the method of consumption: it makes some people relaxed, some hyperactive, some paranoid and others just sleepy.

OK, but what about fertility?

A recent study by Boston University found no correlation between marijuana usage and fertility in either men or women. The study also looked at other variables affected by marijuana use including how often couples were having sex—in this case, more often than the average. It’s also possible, according to some research, to build up a tolerance to any negative effects pot might have on fertility.

However, the lead author of the study warned that like any research areas into the effects of cannabis, nothing is conclusive yet, especially since the study looks at a variety of factors that affect a couple’s chance at conceiving.

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