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Toronto election marked by controversy and confusion

Last Updated Oct 22, 2018 at 4:08 pm EDT

Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square

Canada’s largest city goes to the polls in an election still subject to legal challenge. Oh, and there are about half the wards the city planned for, and some people aren’t even sure which ward they live in anymore. Meanwhile, the fallout from the province’s move to shrink the council just weeks before the vote has pitted longtime friends and colleagues against one another, will certainly cost at least 11 incumbents their jobs, and threatens to further split an already politically divided city. So, you know, just another Toronto election. Oh yes, there’s a Ford in this story.

Is this a long-overdue revision to a bloated municipal government, or just Doug Ford’s revenge for losing the last mayoral race? What happens if a stay granted by a judge in advance of the election ends, and the provincial government loses its appeal? Well, Toronto might end up with a do-over. Of an election that’s been running basically all year. And this could only happen in Toronto…right? Right? We’ll take you inside the most insane municipal election in recent memory—one that might be happening all over again this time next year.

GUEST: Francis D’Souza, CityNews