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Vintage #BetterNotCry: Your photo with Santa from way back when

Last Updated Dec 23, 2018 at 1:46 pm EDT

CityNews world producer Melissa Duggan and Santa Claus in the late 1980s. Photo provided by Melissa Duggan.

Two years ago, we started this tradition of you sharing with us photos of your children meeting Santa — in some cases, for the first time. Some of them were jolly with your kid smiling and having a good time. But other photos were clearly not so jovial — at least one of both of your kids are crying in them.

Then last year we brought back #BetterNotCry and some photos even showed the same tearful kids from the past year, but this time they were thrilled to be hanging out with Santa.

But let’s try something different this year that involves taking a walk down memory lane. Before the age of smartphones, people took photos on their camera, developed them at a store, and then put them in albums. If you know what this means, then this #BetterNotCry edition applies to you. Dig out those old family albums and find that photo of you with Santa from way back when.


Share your photos with us on Twitter using the hashtag #BetterNotCry or upload them here. In this case, a smartphone does come in handy. You don’t need to scan the photos of you and Santa and then send them to us. Just take a photo of the photo!

You can also send us your kids’ photos with Santa — no matter what age or from which generation. And who doesn’t love a pet photo with Santa? We are more than happy to post those too.

When sending the photos please let us know which year it was taken.

A photo gallery posted below will be updated regularly with vintage and recent Santa photos. We started off the gallery with some photos from CityNews staff, but other people have been sending in their photos as well.