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From bringing back the death penalty to hiking minimum wage: Your solutions to gun violence

Security footage of a fatal shooting near Keele Street and Steeles Avenue West on Oct. 2, 2018. HANDOUT/Toronto Police Service

To say it’s been a violent year in Toronto would be an understatement.

With 11 days remaining in 2018, there have already been a record 95 homicides — eclipsing the previous record of 89 homicides in 1991.

While 10 of those homicides resulted from the van attack in April, more than half of the 95 victims died by gunfire.

We asked the following question on our social media pages: What do you think should be done to stem gun violence?

Hundreds of responses followed, varying from a return to carding and the death penalty, to more social programs and investment in at-risk youth.

On the CityNews Facebook page, Andrew Elliott sparked a spirited debate with the suggestion that Toronto’s lack of affordability is a contributing factor to the street-level violence.

Karen Burnside fired back, saying he was blaming the system, and not holding the perpetrators accountable for their own abhorrent actions.


The debate continued on the CityNews Twitter page, with contrasting views between those who believe in harsher punishments, and others searching for the root, social causes of the escalating problem.

Here’s some of your responses: