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Alexisonfire return after a decade with new song and Toronto show

Last Updated Feb 15, 2019 at 9:22 pm EDT

One of several mysterious signs that popped up around Toronto in advance of an announcement that Alexisonfire will tour again this summer. CITYNEWS

You may have seen the mysterious signs popping up around Toronto – a green heart with a skull inside that had the website www.theonlybandever.com underneath it.

Friday it was revealed that the ever popular indie band Alexisonfire was behind the signs.

After a decade the group has returned with a new song ‘Familiar Drugs’.

“‘Familiar Drugs’ is about recognizing you need to make a change in your life, being presented with the opportunity to make that change, and then choosing to do the same thing you always do,” George Pettit, the lead vocalist said.

“It’s about something very specific to me but it can be taken literally or interpreted in any number of ways. Most people have something in their lives they can’t quit, substances, unhealthy relationships, lethargy, self righteousness, a job they hate. ‘Familiar Drugs’ is about choosing comfort over self betterment.”

In 2012 AOF went on a sold-out farewell tour that saw them play in four continents in just 24 days.

With the announcement of their new song they also announced a show at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto on June 15th.