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Fighting for their lives: The Ontario battle over autism funding

(Credit: CityNews)

The Ontario government has made dozens of changes to government priorities in the province since it rose to power last June. Many of these changes have been met with protest, and the Tories have mostly held firm through the outrage. This time, though, they may have picked the worst possible fight.

When Doug Ford’s government announced new plans for autism funding set to take effect in a matter of weeks, the backlash was loud, and immediate, and heartbreaking—with parents of autistic children in tears in the hallways at Queen’s Park, vowing to take every possible action to make the politicians behind this pay. And here’s the thing: These parents have spent their kids’ entire lives fighting for resources for them.

They are organized and determined and they are very, very angry. What happens when an immovable government meets an unstoppable force?

GUEST: Cynthia Mulligan, Queen’s Park reporter, CityNews


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