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Police investigate youth hockey brawl in Mississauga

Last Updated Mar 14, 2019 at 11:35 pm EDT

Peel Regional Police are investigating after an on-ice brawl between two First Nations teams participating in a youth hockey tournament in Mississauga.

Police tell CityNews they were called to an arena at Kennedy Road and Rose Cherry Place around 8 p.m. on Wednesday night.

A fight broke out between players of the Kattawapiskak Midgets and Longlake Generals following the conclusion of their playoff game at the Little Native Hockey League tournament.

Several videos posted to social media show two members of the Longlake Generals, dressed in white, becoming involved in an altercation with one player from the Kattawapiskak Midgets team, dressed in blue. Officials on the ice attempt to break up the fight as more players from the Longlake team swarm the Kattawapiskak player.

At this point the officials step back as more players from the Kattawapiskak squad join in the fracas, leading to numerous fights on the ice.

Members of another youth hockey team can be seen banging their fists on the glass and egging on the combatants from the other side of the boards.

Eventually several adults emerge and while some appear to be trying to break up the fights, one individual can be seen picking up a hockey stick and swinging it at several players.

The fighting eventually subsides and as players mill about, some can be seen exchanging handshakes and congratulations before making their way off the ice.

Police say their investigation is ongoing and no charges have been laid at this point.

A statement from the Little Native Hockey League called the incident “regrettable and most unfortunate.”

“The LNHL 4 pillars are sportsmanship, citizenship, education and respect,” read the statement. “We can assure you that the LNHL Executive is taking this matter extremely seriously and we will be meeting to further discuss disciplinary action.”

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This is an embarrassment to the concept of hockey. There is the old joke about going to a fight competition and a hockey game broke out. But, seriously, this type of activity has become synonymous with hockey and I am ashamed of the habit.

If LNHL officials REALLY wanted to stop the poor habit, a total ban on team play by guilty parties and active enforcement should put an end to it. As it stands now, kids are being rewarded for such poor conduct.

Look, if you want sanctioned fighting, there are ways to do it that would be socially acceptable as well as challenging. Judo, karate, classic boxing, or even wrestling are all proper, honourable ways to participate in fighting. Hockey just isn’t it.

March 14, 2019 at 9:50 pm

Pretty sure the league will hand out suspensions or warnings if need be, that is how these events are handled in their policy. Seems predatory of the police for deciding to open an investigation on a brawl between two teams, both being Native when already half of youth in the penal system are Native.

March 14, 2019 at 10:30 pm