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Stroller vs. car: Midtown confrontation caught on video

Last Updated Mar 29, 2019 at 6:53 pm EDT

The frustration between drivers and pedestrians amid ongoing Eglinton Crosstown construction appears to have reached a boiling point at an intersection near Eglinton Avenue East and Mount Pleasant Road.

Video captured on a resident’s security camera shows a woman with a stroller crossing the road at Soudan and Forman avenues, just one block south of the LRT construction.

When the woman and her baby are about halfway through the intersection, they’re nearly struck by a vehicle, which appeared to roll through a stop sign.

The woman, standing in front of the car, yells: “Get the **** out of your car…There’s a child in this. There’s a stop sign.”

When the car tries to drive away, the woman hops on the hood of the car, leaving the stroller in the intersection. The car takes off while a second car continues through the intersection, driving around the stroller.

Ryan Bessey captured the incident on video. He says LRT construction has sent more traffic than usual onto side streets in the neighbourhood, making them unsafe for pedestrians.

Watch: Woman confronts car in Midtown intersection

Bessey says neighbours have been discussing ways to make the streets safer, including circulating a petition to add speed bumps on Forman Avenue.

No one was injured in Wednesday’s incident but at least two collisions have happened in the area, according to Bessey.

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