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Inside the long and torturous history of improving the TTC

Commuters jam subway cars and the platform at Museum Station in Toronto on Jan. 24, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graeme Roy

Failed transit plans are, by now, kind of a thing in Canada’s largest city. There have been several announced in the past two decades, and not many of them have amounted to anything. Ontario Premier Doug Ford unveiled the latest one on Wednesday, and he promised it would be cheaper and faster and better than the last one — which was supposed to be cheaper, faster and better than the previous one. That’s how these things work. But in order to understand the challenges facing Toronto when it comes to actually building anything, you have to understand how we ended up here in the first place.

What should transit in a world-class city — as Toronto loves to bill itself — look like? Why can’t Toronto get there? What happened to the last plan and the plan before that and the plan before that? What are the chances this latest plan actually becomes reality, and what could happen to an overcrowded city if it doesn’t? Momin Qureshi has been on the ground, and underground, in Toronto for more than a decade at 680 NEWS, and in today’s episode of The Big Story, he walks us through the past, present and possible future.

GUEST: Momin Qureshi, city hall reporter, 680 NEWS

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