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B.C. men challenge constitutionality of Canada's secret no-fly list

OTTAWA — Canada’s no-fly list faces constitutional challenges from two B.C. men who argue in a pair of court cases that the secret roster violates the Charter of Rights guarantee of fundamental justice.

The no-fly regime allows the federal government to bar someone from boarding an airplane because there are grounds to believe they would threaten the flight or travel to commit a terrorist act.

One of the men, Parvkar Singh Dulai, says he was stopped from getting on a plane last May 17 at the Vancouver International Airport.

Dulai followed an appeal process, but received a letter in late January saying his name would remain on the no-fly list.

He is asking the Federal Court of Canada for an order striking him from the roster or, at the very least, a re-examination of his case.

Dulai also seeks a declaration that the no-fly provisions violate constitutional rights to freedom of movement and to know the details of the case against him.

The Canadian Press