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Vlad Jr. rookie card breaks TOPPS sales records

TOPPS' Vlad Guerrero Jr. rookie card broke sales records, April 30, 2019. Image Credit:TOPPS.COM

The Blue Jays buzz continues thanks to Vlad Guerrero Jr.

His major league debut on Friday caused such a frenzy that his baseball card is one of the hottest sellers online.

TOPPS, the baseball card maker, put out a rookie card for the 20-year-old from his first game as a Blue Jay and it’s already going for big money.

Within minutes, almost 2,000 cards were sold.

“It’s great for what he’s done for the Toronto Blue Jays,” former MLB pitcher Ryan Dempster said.

“He’s put a spark into their lineup. They’re 3-0 since he’s been there, and I don’t think that’s any coincidence whatsoever.”

The cards, which were only available for 24 hours, broke sales records and became TOPPS’ “all-time best selling card in the program” with more than 19,000 purchased.

Super exclusive autographed cards were going for hundreds of dollars and a numbered version of the card was selling for $3,500.