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A new look inside the Bruce McArthur investigation

Forensic Identification Services police set up a large tent in the backyard of a home on Mallory Crescent on Jan 23 2018. (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail)

In today’s Big Story podcast, what did the Toronto Police know? When did they know it? Crime reporter Wendy Gillis accessed court documents, and conducted extensive interviews with detectives to put together the story of an infamous investigation from the perspective of the people chasing a serial killer.

Police faced extensive criticism over the McArthur investigation. Both for how long it took them to get serious about the men going missing in Toronto’s gay village, and for insisting a month before McArthur was caught that “the evidence today tells us that there is not a serial killer.” Today, you’ll hear how soon they realized they were wrong, and what happened next.

(You can read Wendy’s four-part investigative report here.)

GUEST: Wendy Gillis, crime reporter, The Toronto Star

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