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Unions increasingly at odds over replacing troubled Phoenix pay system

OTTAWA — Government officials say the Trudeau government will be presented with options for replacing the troubled Phoenix civil service pay system within the next few weeks. 

And a spokesman for the department overseeing the project says those options will likely include multiple pilot projects.

The plan could pit at least two of the three potential bidders on the projects against each other in a competition to see which system works better, either independently or in tandem with one another.

But the proposal is laying bare divisions among the unions representing the roughly 300,000 federal employees who have been living under the Phoenix pay cloud for more than three years.

One of those unions, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, says the move is wrongheaded and could result in another bungled pay system.

The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, which represents about 60,000 of those employees and has been working closely with the government to find a new pay solution, doesn’t share PSAC’s concerns.


The Canadian Press