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Ousted Saskatchewan NDP MP Erin Weir not running in the next federal election

REGINA — Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir says he will be not be running in October’s federal election.

Weir has issued a statement saying he’s not running because federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh continues to block his candidacy.

He says running for another party would not help maintain progressive representation in Ottawa.

Weir was suspended from the NDP caucus in February 2018 after fellow New Democrat Christine Moore sent an email to her colleagues saying she had heard numerous complaints about Weir allegedly harassing staffers.

A investigation upheld several complaints of harassment, which Singh described at the time as a failure to read non-verbal cues in social settings.

Weir, who has been sitting as an Independent, has called the allegations politically motivated and he has called the investigation “deeply flawed.”

The Canadian Press