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Gay writer accuses YouTube of allowing homophobic harassment

Last Updated Jun 5, 2019 at 4:37 pm EDT

Screengrab of Steven Crowder from his YouTube talk show, Louder With Crowder. YOUTUBE.

A gay writer and host for the online news and culture website Vox.com is criticizing YouTube for deciding not to ban a conservative commentator who routinely uses the video platform to taunt him over his sexual orientation.

Vox’s Carlos Maza claims Steven Crowder, who hosts the YouTube talk show Louder With Crowder, has been harassing him for two years for being “gay and Latino.”

Maza tweeted a compilation of clips from Crowder’s show, where the conservative host mocks Maza in an effeminate voice, calls him a “little queer” and simulates oral sex.

Crowder has nearly 4 million YouTube subscribers.

Maza says Crowder’s taunts have made him a target of further harassment.

“Every time one (of his videos) gets posted, I wake up to a wall of homophobic/racist abuse on Instagram and Twitter,” he tweeted.

Despite filing numerous complaints, Maza says YouTube, which is owned by Google, has refused to take action.

In a series of tweets, YouTube explained its decision, saying that while it found the language “hurtful,” Crowder’s views do not violate its policies.

On Wednesday, YouTube announced a new hate speech policy. Effective immediately the company said it would be removing videos that promote white supremacist and neo-Nazi content.

Popular online platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have faced mounting pressure to crackdown on the spread of hate speech and extremism, but Maza called the new policy a “joke” and a “shiny prop” to distract reporters and advertisers.

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