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Montreal and Quebec City reach deals to fund public transit, tramway lines

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante speaks during a news conference in Montreal on April 26, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

MONTREAL — Quebec City and Montreal have reached deals with the federal and provincial governments to fund major new public transit projects in the two cities.

Montreal will pass along $800 million in federal infrastructure funding to Quebec City to help fund a new tramway project in the provincial capital.

In return, the Quebec government has promised to give Montreal the same amount to implement four projects, including a new transit link in the city’s west end.

Quebec Treasury Board President Christian Dube and junior Transport Minister Chantal Rouleau announced the agreement in principle today alongside Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante.

Plante described the future link as the first step in fulfilling her major election promise of adding a fifth line to the Montreal subway, but it’s not clear exactly what form it will take.

The city’s news release describes the link as a tramway, however Plante said it would be up to experts to determine what form of transit will work best for the city.

Plante described Wednesday’s announcement as a “winning agreement” that benefits Montreal, Quebec City and the province.

“What it means is that not only did we manage to save a tramway project that was uncertain (in Quebec City), we added a new one in Montreal,” she said.

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