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Signal issues cause long delay on Barrie GO line

Last Updated Jun 26, 2019 at 10:08 am EDT

File photo of a GO train. CP PHOTO/Steve White.

Signal problems caused delays between 20 and 50 minutes for GO Transit commuters who made their way to Union Station on the Barrie line Wednesday morning.

“We have fixed the signal problem between Barrie South and Bradford GO; however, some trains incurred significant delays,” GO Transit said in a tweet.

Metrolinx spokesperson Nitish Bissonauth said was due to the loss of a block of signals between Barrie South and Bradford GO stations and that crews are working to repair the issue.

“The best analogy I can give you is think of it as street lights. When a block of street lights go out obviously it’s not safe. The same thing goes with trains,” he explained.

“Unfortunately there’s only one track that we have. We’re currently building another one but right now we have one track only so we’re very limited with the options we have to work around that.”

Several trains traveling from Allandale Waterfront to Union were delayed.