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Eventbrite offers refunds to abruptly cancelled Roxodus festival

The Edenvale Airport in Clearview which was to have been the site for the Roxodus music festival. CITYNEWS

The online retailer that sold passes to Roxodus says it is refunding ticketholders after the music festival was cancelled a week before it was set to get underway.

Eventbrite says it is making the refunds after trying and failing to get a hold of the event’s organizers.

Roxodus was supposed to begin at Edenvale Airport in Clearview, north of Toronto on July 11, but organizers recently announced that they were cancelling the event because “tremendously rainy weather” made it difficult to ready the grounds.

Acts such as Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Lynyrd Skynyrd had been set to perform.

Eventbrite says it will “continue to aggressively pursue the return of funds from the festival’s creators,” but that the company believes fans deserve their money back now.

“We are transferring funds to ticket holders immediately and they can expect to see it reflected on their credit card or bank statement within seven business days.”

Roxodus wristbands began arriving in festivalgoers’ mailboxes last month and included tap payment technology built into them.

Organizers urged people to load money onto their accounts, saying the event would be cashless.

A spokeswoman for Eventbrite says those wristbands were fulfilled by Intellitix, which is also issuing refunds.

Fab Loranger, a co-owner of event organizer MF Live, declined to comment, saying he would “let the truth speak for itself in due course.”