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Lebanon lawmaker in violent standoff with ex-son-in-law

BEIRUT — A leaked police report says a Lebanese lawmaker from the Hezbollah group and a dozen gunmen attempted to storm a police station following a family dispute involving a high-speed car chase.

Nawaf Musawi’s daughter and her ex-husband were inside the police station Sunday south of Beirut, following the previous night’s car chase and verbal abuse from the ex-husband, all of which she filmed with her phone.

After Musawi’s group was denied entry to the station, the report said a gunshot was fired, hitting the ex-son-in-law in his wrist. Musawi denied firing.

The dramatic dispute, apparently over child visitation rights, dominated local media. Divorces and custody battles in Lebanon are often fought in public because of a maze of personal status laws dictated by the country’s religious authorities.

The Associated Press