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'Not accurate,' Metrolinx quashes GO Bus shutdown rumours

Last Updated Jul 22, 2019 at 9:50 pm EST

GO Transit's new double-decker buses. Photo courtesy of Ontario.ca

There are no plans to get out of the bus business, Metrolinx said Monday.

Rumours began circulating on internet social media sites on Monday that the provincial agency was planning on shutting down the GO bus network in favour of more train service.

“The rumours are not accurate,” said Metrolinx spokesperson Fannie Sunshine.

“Buses form a vital connection between trains and communities not connected to train service or with limited train service,” said Sunshine. “Buses will always be an important part of our regional transportation plan.”

Sunshine said the agency has more buses on the road than ever before, with a fleet of over 532 vehicles.

“In fact, we are actively recruiting bus drivers to join our team,” she said.

Sunshine added that as new train service is added, the agency will look at how the bus network is used.

“At times, when new train service is introduced it makes sense to redeploy bus services to other communities,” she said. “We are always monitoring our services to ensure we are making the best use of our resources.”